Monday, September 26, 2016

S3x Guru Offers His 7 Best Girls To Brad Pitt As Beauties Chant 'We Want S3x'

A sex therapist known for his harem of beautiful women has offered to help mend Brad Pitt's broken heart - by lending him his seven best girls.

Controversial sex guru Aleks Lesli has written books on the art of seduction and runs seminars across the world,

And he says that he's prepared to share some of his 'concubines' - the girls he chooses from the most promising students who attend his seminars on sexual emancipation.

And now the Russian sex guru has now made a video in which he makes Pitt a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

"Hi Brad! I have a little problem, I am going to Mars and have to leave my harem with somebody. I can only trust them with you, a trustworthy and good man."

Mr Lesli says that, following his break-up with Angelina Jolie , Pitt would be able to experience "real passion" again with Russian women.

He claims that the star will find that his concubines are better in bed than any non-Russian and invites him to visit Russia.

"My girls will brighten up Pitt’s loneliness and will show him what real passion and love is," he says.

But he adds that there is only one problem. The 52-year-old actor might find it to be quite hard work in his harem, as the girls chant "We want sex!" in the background. This life haf spoil.


  1. His problems will still be there waiting for him

  2. Choiii


    Get started fixing stuff and making money

  3. Lol @ This life haf spoil...Asin ehn Ladun... patapata.