Thursday, September 15, 2016

Toddler Dies After Eating Skop In South Africa

When a stranger came to Zandile Mabuza’s house offering her husband a job and gave them a skop to celebrate, the family tucked in.

But their joy soon turned to tears when Zandile and her two daughters were hospitalised and her granddaughter, Sinenhlanhla (2) died from food poisoning!

Zandile from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, said they realised something was wrong last Thursday at about 7pm when her eldest daughter started groaning in pain. As they were trying to phone for an ambulance, Sinenhlanhla started vomiting and she died before she could reach Far East Rand Hospital, while the other three survived after receiving treatment. Zandile’s husband, Aaron Mabena (56), was not affected.

Aaron said: “I met the man several days before the incident. He bought me a plate of meat and two beers. I was suspicious so I went to the toilet to speak to my ancestors and licked muthi before eating. I then ate the meat and nothing happened to me. He saw that his plan had failed and he came for my family. I don’t know what this person wants from us.”

An inquest docket was opened at Etwatwa Police Station and the stranger has not been seen since the incident.