Friday, September 2, 2016

Usain Bolt Shares New Photos Of Himself & Girlfriend After Cheating Scandal

Hahaha most of you predicted right. Some of you had said she was going to forgive him no matter the scandal because they aren't married yet, but if they were married she would have filed for divorce and bolt would have paid through his nose, lol.

So Bolt just shared these photos of himself and his woman, Kasi Bennet on Snapchat and they look so HAPPY and relaxed together. Dearis God sha, lol. Another photo below...


  1. So if na you ,you will let him go

  2. I refuse to swallow paracetamol over bolt's headache

  3. Bolt knows that if not because of his money and fame, this lady is not going to be anywhere near him.

    So, there is no better way to treat her and girls like her.

    You fall in love with girls of today at your own peril. So, just your own and move on.