Saturday, September 17, 2016

Video: Sean Tizzle Gives Interviewer A Middle Finger As He Walks Out On Him

Hahaha hilarious. So Sean Tizzle was a guest at TheNetng office yesterday where he had an interview with one of the staff there. Well shortly before the interview ended, the last question precisely, Sean was asked to clear the air if he actually bleaches like most of his fans online believe and he practically faced the interviewer asking him if he looks bleached. In fact, he immediately changed to pidgin language saying, ‘Jay I don know you tey tey before coming to this studio sef’ and he went on to say he was disappointed he could ask him such a question, as the interviewer tried to make him understand, it wasn’t about him but about the world and it’s best he clarifies it for his own good as well.

He then got up and gave the dude and the cameras A MIDDLE FINGER! No time, lol. Was Sean right tho?


  1. Replies
    1. What was wrong about it? He acted like a cool headed young guy that chose to walk away rather than get verbal or physical. Kudos Sean. Walk away if you don't trust yourself to react positively to any situation. You can always revisit the topic latter.
      Besides if you can ask me whether I am bleaching, you can take ordinary fuckyou.

  2. Alas!! Well done LLB for uploading video on your blog, there's no need to read news here and start looking for video
    The interviewer tho... Sean, there's no need for that, you can pass your message without giving him a middle finger, if you're not comfortable with the question.

  3. This interviewers be asking stupid questions...If this jay was asked same question only God knows how he would handle it...If he is would he have said yes and if he is not should he start arguing to change people's thought...I mean when a person bleaches...its obvious for all to see..asking that question was so irrelevant.. How does that promote his career or change the NETng... .

  4. He didn't behave well,its a simple question...Do you bleach??'s either Yes I do or No I don't...that's solves it,as a public figure there are things expected of you,you don't go about behaving like this life Is a college..