Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When Jennifer Obayuwana Slayed Flawlessly In Jeans

You know she always slaysssss. And well, though we have seen a couple of her recent photos, we can’t get enough of this simple look which she rocked in Miami. Talk about having the cash and getting it beyond right, and you are talking about Ms Obayuwana. Brains? Still Obayuwana, as you can;t beat her at work!

Tho she has added a bit of flesh, she still slayed this look, like it was NOTHING really! Love it!


  1. it's easy to slay when you have money....She's a slayer!

  2. But they said both of you are fighting and that is why you don’t feature her again on your blog. If you like don’t post my comment as usual. Na your way