Thursday, September 1, 2016

White Supremacist Killed Black Teen With His Jeep After Fight While His Girlfriend Yelled 'Get Him Baby'

A white supremacist mowed down a black teenager with his Jeep after a fight outside a 7 Eleven – while his girlfriend encouraged him, saying: ‘Get him baby, get him.’

Larnell Malik Bruce, 19, had been charging his phone outside the convenience store on the corner of East Burnside and 188th Street in Gresham, Oregon, on the night of August 10.

Shortly before midnight, Russell Courtier, 38, and his girlfriend Colleen Hunt, 35, pulled up in their 1991 Jeep Wrangler.

A fight quickly broke out between Courtier, a long-time member of a white supremacist prison gang called European Kindred (EK), and the teenager – and he smashed Bruce’s head into the store’s front window.

‘Get him baby, get him,’ Hunt urged her boyfriend, according to the Portland Mercury.

But Bruce had pulled out a knife to protect himself leading the couple to get back into their vehicle, the New York Daily News reports. Then, security footage shows Bruce trying to run home – and zigzagging to avoid the SUV.

As he tried to cross the street, the couple’s Jeep is seen moving into oncoming traffic and hitting the teenager head-on. Courtier was driving with Hunt in the passenger seat.

Police found Bruce on the street with critical brain injuries. He was taken to hospital but died of his injuries four days later.

Officers had responded to a 911 call from the 7-Eleven at 11.45pm. At the time, the men were physically fighting outside the store. They arrived within two minutes, but Bruce had already been mown down.

The teenager had only moved to Gresham to live with his mother and younger brother six months before his death, the Mercury reported.

On August 18, a grand jury indicted Courtier and Hunt for murder.

Both are being held without bail in a Multnomah County jail and also facing an additional felony charge of failing to perform the duties of a driver.