Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wow Freeze Actually Edited The Photo With Elsie, Basket Mouth’s Wife

Remember the photo Freeze posted online with Basket Mouth’s wife after Bovi took a shot at him? Well the photo was carefully doctored. Freeze actually edited the part his ex-wife was to make it look like he was just with Elsie alone while pecking her and the photo was taken. Well Bovi has now posted the full photo.

Lol, we know Bovi wasn’t with Basket Mouth then, so Basket Mouth must have given him the photo to correct the impression Freeze was ever with his wife, lol. Do you blame him? Now that’s the full photo above and what Bovi posted alongside with it below..

Bovi you sef stay out of their quarrel o, abi you no read Freeze’s latest interview that he said he loves Basket to death? Toor…