Friday, October 14, 2016

Adegboruwa Urges Judges, Lawyers To Go On Strike

A Lagos-based lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, says given the position of the National Judicial Council on the arrest of seven judges last weekend, all judges, lawyers and court workers in the country ought to immediately boycott the courtrooms.

He said the explanation by the NJC had made it obvious that the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government does not need the courts.

Adegboruwa said he recalled that Buhari had once said the judiciary was his headache, while the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, had also taken the same position.

Adegboruwa said this in a statement on Friday, that with the Department of State Services’ raid on judges, the executive had now cowed the judiciary and Nigerians should forget about getting fair hearing in court.

According to him, the outcome of the Edo State Election Petition Tribunal was already predetermined as no judge would ever rule against the ruling All Progressive Congress for fear of clampdown.

In the light of this, Adegboruwa called on the Nigerian Bar Association, judges and court workers to boycott the courtrooms.

He said, “Given the revelations that have emerged from the NJC, my humble cry is to the Nigerian Bar Association, the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria and indeed all judicial officers across Nigeria, to close down the courts.

“In the light of the emerging facts, this regime does not need the courts at all. What it desires is a situation whereby suspects are sent to jail without trial and once government has raised any allegation, regardless of the actual and true facts, the victim stands condemned.

“So, judges and courts are not needed at all. The President said so. The EFCC chairman said so, that the judiciary has been a headache.

“What the sting operation sought to and has indeed achieved is to place judicial officers under some terror, harassment, fear and indeed intimidation. Citizens will not be entitled to fair trial any longer and truly innocent people will now be sent to jail, since that is the preference of the government, that will be the only way judges can be free from harassment.

“And we should be able to predict the outcome of the Edo State Election Petitions Tribunal already.”

He said it was only God that could help Nigeria as the government had no concrete plan to take the country out of recession and address the suffering and poverty that Nigerians were going through.‎



  1. Shame on Adegboruwa. He is definitely one of the beneficiaries of the corruption in the judiciary. Definitely he will soon be caught too. Thieves and rogues. Who cares if they go on strike. When they were not on strike wasn't it corruption all the way? Thieves Adegboruwa is a senior advocate of corruption (SAC) They are never ashamed of themselves. May God continue to keep the likes of Femi Falana for us.

  2. Adegboruwa and his likes are the problem of Nigeria. Even in the USA corrupt judges are arrested and dealt with. The judiciary has brought a lot of embarrassment to Nigerians. He is one of the beneficiaries of the corruption in the judiciary. The judiciary must be purged of the likes of Adegboruwa or else we can't move forward in this country. Remember Ibori's ex-convict case? Even though the judge that jailed Ibori recognized Ibori and testified to that effect, Ibori won the case after spending so much. He gave Adegboruwa's partners in crime money, even to the supreme court, and they cleared Ibori. Shameless people!

    1. Adegboruwa or whatever they call you, are you still there? Always seeking notice!

  3. I think this man is just seeking unnecessary attention

  4. Believe me,while they are on strike there will be less Chao with reconciliation.