Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Between Ex-Falcon Star & A Fan

So last night a fan took to her page to ask her to stop praising God saying she is a lesbian, plus she is ugly and moves around like a man knowing fully well that she is a woman. He/she used so many unprintable names on the female footballer, but then she didn’t just let the insults go, she replied the fan subtly!!! She told the fan, she is aware he/she needs therapy and its fine to rant on her page as far as it will make him/her feel better.

It’s indeed a funny drama and very epic at that, as one would think the FAN knows her in person and actually means her. But then, we have to realize, we are not God, and if we think our neighbor is wrong, we should pray for him/her, not insult the person, because that might even make he/she far from God, saying, do you believe that child of God cursed me out? No I don’t want to serve her God, his God…. E.t.c. One more from her below...