Sunday, October 16, 2016

Buhari Travelled To Germany For Medical Treatment, State Visit A Cover Up- Junaid Mohammed

A Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has stated that the President’s recent trip to Germany was for medical reasons. Mohammed, a Russian-trained medical doctor, revealed this in an interview with Sunday Punch.

Mohammed said, “The reason the president travelled to Germany was not what it was advertised to be. The trip is basically a medical trip. It was undertaken for medical reasons. It was only converted to a state visit as an afterthought and that tells you the level of contempt the handlers of the president have for Nigerians. We blamed the handlers of Yar’Adua for the way they kept his ailment secret.

“Now, Nigerians have a big surprise awaiting them. They have not been told the truth about the real state of the man’s (Buhari) health. He is our president. Nigerians elected him into office and we must never allow individuals to play with our intelligence and do something stupid and dangerous to our country. I hope and pray that next time, the Nigerian people would be told the truth. It’s a medical trip; they (handlers) issued statements to camouflage the real reason behind the trip.”


  1. Nigerians always at the receiving end

  2. They always travel abroad for medical treatment. If the abroad (gbagun - excuse me) did not put those facilities in place, how could you lot make use it.

    These leaders need to bury their head in shame. Well, Rueben Abati said there are more powerful powers in control in Aso Rock.

  3. so what is wrong with him travelling abroad to treat himself?