Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Buhari Worst Threat To Democracy –Fasheun

The founder of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Dr. Frederick Fasheun, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari represents the worst threat to Nigeria’s democracy, describing him as leopard that cannot change its spots.

Fasheun made this statement while speaking on the recent invasion of judges’ residences and alleged abuse of court rulings by the Federal Government.

He expressed worries that security operatives have not been following due process in their fight against corruption.

Fasehun said although he subscribed to the current war against corruption, the invasion of the judges’ homes was a “gross and blatant violation of rule of law, the Nigerian constitution and common sense.”

According to him, “it was unfortunate that President Buhari represented “the worst threat to our nation’s democracy. These current events have vindicated my stance when I expressed skepticism on the Buhari presidential candidacy in 2015.

“When, in the build-up to the elections, his spin doctors told the world that General Buhari was a born-again democrat, we warned Nigerians that this leopard cannot change his spots. Buhari has the trappings of an unrepentant dictator.

“We demand that the National Assembly, as part of its oversight functions, summon the Director-General of the DSS for questioning and sanctioning.

“Government must stop forthwith the media trial of supposed suspects investigated or apprehended by security agencies to allow for the constitutionally-guaranteed principles of fair hearing, due process and rule of law in the law courts.

“Under President Buhari, the DSS, the police and the EFCC must regain and maintain their statutory responsibilities of intelligence gathering and security maintenance, instead of turning into instruments for silencing the opposition.”

EFCC urged members of the public with information as to his whereabouts to contact the commission.


  1. Arresting corrupt people is silencing the opposition. This man has out lived his brains

  2. this is d same OPC man that collected 2 billion naira from Jonathan under d guise of protecting oil pipes in d south-west....i challenge EFCC to investigate the idiot....besides wht does he know about administration of criminal justice in nigeria