Thursday, October 6, 2016

Businesses Continue To Be Targeted In Ethiopia Violence

The Ethiopian government says the property of at least 10 companies, including foreign-owned businesses, have been burnt down and looted in the Oromia region as protests continue in the country.

The latest round of trouble has been sparked by the deaths of at least 55 people after a stampede at a religious festival that turned into an anti-government protest.

Three days of national mourning followed the deaths on Sunday. The opposition, which puts the death toll much higher, blames the action of security forces for causing panic.

Information Minister Getachew Reda told the BBC that the continued violence was the work of organised criminals rather than being part of anti-government protests.

He said that the people causing the damage have been arriving at the scene on motorbikes carrying petrol bombs.

Leaders from the Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia have appealed for calm and a national dialogue.


  1. May their souls rest in peace.

  2. The governemnt should just meet their demands