Friday, October 14, 2016

Craig David Denies Persistent Gay Rumours

He once described Brad Pitt and David Beckham as 'hot,' while also revealing that he enjoys partying at gay nightclubs. And singer Craig David, 35, once again addressed persistent rumours surrounding his sexuality on Wednesday, telling KIIS FM's The Thinkergirls that he's definitely straight, and added that the seemingly never-ending speculation doesn't bother him.

'Sometimes people can get very aggressive with their response when they're heterosexual, I find that quite strange,' the unmarried crooner said.

He added: 'Ok, so someone thought you were gay, someone thought you were straight, either or, all good in the hood.'

The British musician has been a subject of gay rumours since he launched his singing career in 1999, and he previously explained that they stemmed from his reluctance to bed groupies back in the day.

'Those rumours started back when we were playing RE-REWIND in the clubs,' he said according to Pink News.

'All these women in the audience were interested in me, but I was having none of it. 'Why? Well, you know, I was 17, still relatively inexperienced, sexually speaking, and these women were - what 24, 25. They terrified me.'

The Walking Away singer has previously been romantically linked to the likes of brunette bombshells Sofia Vergara and Venezuelan model Aida Yespica although he is currently believed to be single.