Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dbanj Gives Swankyjerry A $45k Wrist Watch?

D’banj has gifted his stylist Swankyjerry a wrist watch we call beautiful. But according to
the stylist, the gift costs $45,000 which is approximately N20,250,000. That’s what they want us to believe. Another photo below…


  1. Dbanj sef no wear 20 million naira watch

  2. If D'banj can just wake up as of this moment in Nija and dash somebody $45k watch, then the late General Musa Bamaiyi of NDLEA need to be brought back from death to come and investigate D' Banj's ass. I have no faith in the present day NDLEA.

    D'banj is not in politics and Farming ain't that lucrative, and so, there might be a Mexican connection to the source of the money used to buy the watch.

    Anyway, since it was the stylist and not the Kokomaster that claimed the cost of the watch is $45,000:00, we should all free Eja nla the kokomaster. The stylist may just be making a false claim to market himself.


  3. One Word!!! REPLICA....

  4. One Word!!! REPLICA....

  5. Lol!! Good for the 2 of them.