Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Despite Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Failed Marriage His Fan Base Is Still High

Okay! Don’t want to mention names; we just saw something that shows Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s fan base is still very much high despite his marriage is over. People had thought that would make a lot of people leave his church sighting ‘living as a bad example’, but then his fan base rose. We still await the Pastor that will give us the real definition of thou shall not divorce your wife/husband except in the case of adultery and that’s if you can’t forgive your spouse and you will have to remain unmarried, like the bible says.


  1. Alot of people will be surprised on judgement day

  2. Because you still have brainwashed ignorants still following and listening to this fraud

  3. So it is O! See Donald Trump his supporters keep hanging on to him despite all his craziness . Some people are die hard supporters even when they are being led to hell... follow .. follow according to Fela