Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ex-President Jonathan’s Independence Message

Great man.


  1. Mr ex-president, you are still feeling presidential abi? It never commot your body. Were you thinking of how you could make Nigeria great during your five years of looting and stealing spree. You milked us dry. Stop deceiving people with your innocent are wicked, evil and heartless. Please, take several seats at the back and keep quiet because you are not the only former president alive. We don't need your devilish advice. As for the mess you put us in, God will see us through. Enough Mr stealing is not corruption. Mtcheeewwwww.

  2. What nonsense great man? He & his wife may have ruined & finished this country. Apart from the looting,they created the religious and ethnic tension that we have today.They drove us into recession with crass mismanagement of our resources. He was desperate to get re-elected & frittered away monies from our treasury.He is going about forming good man.God will judge him.