Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gov. Fayose Pictured Dancing With An Elderly Citizen

So at a project commissioning today, the people’s governor, Ayo Fayose was pictured dancing with an elderly Ekiti woman. Usually when women like this see a governor doing what they want, they sing his praises, dance for him and ask him to join, so Gov. Fayose did just that and photos are now flying online. Well that’s the gist, but something else caught my attention. So while I was looking for more photos I found this comment;

Lol, but is this person madt? loool. People who comment like this are people who live abroad trying to form they are more civilized, lol. Forming him eye don open. Eye wey still dey close. LOL. Have you seen someone who lives more in Nigeria and only go for a few days and spend cash and people there be like, ha raw cash ma lo oun na, paying full price, ko ma shey sales, lol.. gaan sit down. More photos please.