Tuesday, October 4, 2016

GP Turns Herself In After Having One Night Stand With Patient Who Was Suffering From Depression After Breakup

I don’t know why I feel like saying we are all humans over her story, but indeed we are all humans. A family doctor had an illicit one-night stand with a patient she was treating for depression after the break-up of a romance, a medical tribunal heard today.

Married mother-of-one Dr Jean Paton-Ker, 41, secretly met the man in a pub after a flurry of text messages before going home with him for sex.

The patient, then 40, was suffering from depression after splitting with his girlfriend and the GP had increased his dosage of anti-depressants to combat his low moods.

Dr Paton-Ker also gave the patient her mobile phone number because she was scared he would commit suicide and he then texted to say he was attracted to her.

After a flurry of text messages over a couple of months, she met him in a pub and went home with him for sex, the General Medical Council (GMC) tribunal heard.

The fling was exposed when her husband, a gastroenterologist, when he found incriminating texts about the sexual liason and threatened to report her to the GMC.

After the breakdown of her marriage, she reported herself to the GMC and today apologised to Patient A as she begged the tribunal to let her continue as a GP.

She said: 'I decided to meet him because I think I recognised there was some level of mutual attraction. When we met in a pub it was a weekend and it didn't seem like a doctor/patient scenario - it felt like two adults meeting, although I accept now that it is not how it was.

'Afterwards I immediately realised I had done something completely outside what I should do as a doctor and felt really shocked about my behaviour. I've never done anything remotely like that before or since. I accept responsibility for my actions absolutely.

'I had things going on but this was ultimately my responsibility to act as a professional and I didn't do that. I was just ashamed of my behaviour and really wanted to understand how I could have got myself in that position where I behaved so unprofessionally. I've not had the opportunity to apologise but I do.'

The hearing continues.


  1. Sad πŸ˜” thing to do. Her husband must be really mad 😑

  2. Ladun, it is not human to cheat on your husband.

    Only subhumans with no respect for marital vows sleeps around when married.

    Ladun, why married when you are likely to be involved in casual sex.
    Having casual sex is very risky as you are putting yourself at risk of catching STDs, some of which are deadly as they have no cure. Yes, the guys can can use condoms but condoms only decrease the risk of catching STD as condoms cannot truly prevent anyone from catching STD.

    This woman is likely to be an undersexed wife because of the rigour of her work and her husband's work, but she crossed the line when she decided to throw caution to the wind and bedded her patient.

    For all we care, she may have been having casual sex with strangers for a long time, thus making her husband to be suspicious of her and intermittently checking her phone.

    Why would the husband be checking her phone if not because of distrust in their marriage?

    Also, this woman gave her male client, her phone number because she was sexually attracted to him and not because she felt her client could turn suicidal.

    This woman has been involved in this type of dirty shit for long and she came out now not because she is ashamed of what she has been doing, but because her husband caught her and the husband was in the process of reporting her to the GMC.

    If you are one undersexed married woman, reading me, please sit your husband down and talk to him. Go for counseling if need be.

    Married ladies, please lose some weight if you are the type that consumes a lot of milk shakes and carries a lot of weight around. You should dress well and sexy for your husbands, go to YouTube to learn how to twerk for your husband, if you have no clue what twerking is all about, as all these measures may be all you need to save your moribund marriage.

    Please, because you are human is not a pass to be opening up your legs to anyone you fancy.
    What is Inbetween your legs should be for your respective husbands only, and not for those random guys you come across while working.


  3. No, that was unprofessional! and shouldn't have happened ... her marriage is over, her license at stake.