Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HIV Spreading Faster In Matrimonial Homes -Lawmaker

Bauchi lawmaker, Mrs Maryam Begel, said on Wednesday that investigations conducted revealed that the HIV virus is spreading faster in matrimonial homes in most Northern states of the country than outside the home.

Begel, representing Dass constituency in the Bauchi House of Assembly, said in Bauchi that it appeared precautionary measures were taken by partners only when meeting outside matrimonial homes, than when at home.

“We did an investigation and discovered that HIV virus is spreading faster in matrimonial homes than outside. This is because most males take precautionary measures when they sleep with outsiders but hardly take such measures when they meet with their wives.

“This is especially the case in settings where polygamy is allowed and you find a husband infecting some or all of his wives with the deadly virus,” she said.

Begel, who is also the chairperson, Committee on Women Affairs, Bauchi House of Assembly, described the development as worrisome.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker said she would work towards reviving the bill on “Compulsory HIV Test before Marriage”, initiated by a former member of the 7th Bauchi House of Assembly, but was scuttled due to outside pressure.

Begel who once served as the ‘Child Protection Officer’ with an international non-governmental organization, ‘Save The Children’ (UK), said passing the Bill into law was long over-due to safeguard the health of people, especially women and children.