Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Am A Happy Person- Tiwa Savage

Nigeria’s songstress Tiwa Savage has declared she is a happy person and wants her fans to be at rest that she is happy. The singer who recently went through a marriage storm that separated her from her husband says despite all she is grateful to God and happy because she has a healthy baby and her family has been there for her. She had a chat with Saturday beats where she narrated this. Her words;

“I am very happy, I am blessed. I have a child and I have no reason why I should not be happy. I have a beautiful, healthy son and a loving family. My career is getting stronger by the day. I just signed an international deal, why shouldn’t I be happy?
“Not everybody loved Jesus Christ, so who is Tiwa Savage in the scheme of things? I am nobody. I am just somebody God has put a talent in. In all honesty, when I encounter negative criticisms, I just focus on the people that love me. You cannot make anyone love you, so I try not to convince people that don’t love me. I would rather focus on the people that love me and make sure I do not disappoint them.”


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