Friday, October 14, 2016

I Can’t Stop Singing Despite Finding Christ- 2phat

Veteran act, 2phat in an interview with LL has disclosed why he can’t stop singing despite finding Christ and giving his life to him. According to the rapper, there got to a time in his life when he knew he had to find Christ, and indeed he found him, but that won’t take him away from RAP! He also spoke about why he let go of his famous dreads and why he has been off the scene for some time. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about you taking a long break from music.. what happened? 

I never fully left music, I do some other things apart from music so I decided to give them more time than music for a while.

You let go of your dreads which everyone knew you for. Don’t you think it was part of your brand?

The dread was for a season and I believed that season was over. Even though it was done to enhance my individuality and it later became part of my identity. But I believe my identity actually lies in my music.

How did you come about Jesus? 

Well I got to a stage in my life where I knew I had to get closer to God. I needed to make him the center of all I do because I couldn't do some of the things others (especially in the industry) were doing. I realised God was all I have, so I had to be closer to him.

How has it been since then?

It’s been great and my life has been much more better.

You just dropped a new single Isiewu on Wednesday. Why still circular considering your new relationship with God? Are you not supposed to be churchy?

Circular or Gospel, music is music. Music is meant to be enjoyed. I do not box my self into those categories. As an artist my music must reflect who I am. I might not be able to say some things or use some words because I don't use them in my personal life. I might not be able to compromise in the name of commercial music but I as a christian I'm meant to influence my world and that is my focus. Relevant songs that you can easily relate to even if you are a christian or not.

Also listen to his new single below....