Monday, October 3, 2016

Kenya Saga! Orange Employee Who ‘Stole’ Customer’s Number To Whatsapp Her In ‘Trouble’

Oh dear! So there’s currently a saga going on at Orange in Kenya when a male employee stole a lady’s number after she came to their office for registration. He stole the number and sent her a whatsapp message at night. The lady however didn’t find it funny and said it was a breach of her privacy. She later shared the conversation on twitter and also tweeted at Orange reporting the incident.

A lot of people however feel the action was harsh and asked that the guy shouldn’t be punished. But then people need to chill, especially ladies asking that he shouldn’t be punished. That’s why some men date two/three women together. What if this guy was used to messaging every fine customer and some people fall mugu for him? Isn’t this how heartbreaks start, when he eventually dumps others for one? And probably even get married and still cheats? Abeg he should be punished. You don’t go on stealing people’s numbers only to message them at night. What audacity?

What Orange messaged her after the cut.


  1. Serves him right. I am happy he was exposed

  2. The lady needs to chill, if it was a male celebrity like wizkid or olamide dat beg d orange guy to give him, her number and she later finds out she wouldn't do a thing nd we won't even hear about it.