Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kessington Adebutu Urges Nigerian Youth To Be Patient

Kessington Adebutu, popularly known as “Baba Ijebu’’, owner of the multi-million Naira lotto business- Premier Lotto- today, advised youth to be patient in their quest for success.

Mr. Adebutu gave the advice while receiving an award from the Radio, Television, Theatre and Arts Workers’ Union of Nigeria (RATTAWU) for his contributions to the Nigerian media industry at his Ikoyi residence in Lagos.

The octogenarian, who turned 81 on Monday, also said that philanthropy was his way of showing appreciation to God and humanity.

“I do not really know what I have done to deserve this award because whatever I do, I do by the grace of God,” the News Agency of Nigeria quotes Mr. Adebutu as saying.

He told journalists that God had been gracious to allow him continue to make money even in his old age, adding that would continue his philanthropic gestures and contributions to the growth of the society.

The philanthropist advised youth to be patient in their pursuit of success, adding that honesty, which aided the growth of his business, was the greatest asset they need for success.

“The youth have to learn how to crawl before they begin to walk but today’s youth are too much in a haste which was not so in our days,” NAN quotes him as saying.

He acknowledged the problem of youth unemployment but called for patience on the part of youth, even in the midst of economic hardship.

Mr. Adebutu was optimistic that the nation’s economy will soon improve.


  1. Patient on wot, d country is nt gud now .more dan 1500 Nigeria youths re traveling outside d country every week nd u re der talkin rubbish .e b lyk say dem dy bribe u