Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian Flees Paris By Private Jet Just Hours After Terrifying Armed Robbery

The star was snapped as she boarded her private jet, covering her face in a black scarf
Kim Kardashian has fled Paris just hours after she was robbed at gunpoint in a terrifying late-night ordeal.
The reality star was spotted boarding her private jet covered in a huge black scarf and hiding her face from cameras, as her personal assistant held a protective hand on her back.

The star was surrounded by security at the airport, and is said to be "shaken" following the incident.

Her bodyguard Pascal Duvier joined her on the jet, as well as her personal assistant, who remained close by throughout.

The star is said to have been 'tied up, bundled into the bathroom and had a gun held to her head' in the harrowing armed robbery last night.

The reality star, 35, was threatened by FIVE armed masked men dressed as police officers while her husband was performing in New York.

Reports are claiming that robbers managed to access Kim's room after forcibly handcuffing the building's night guard and making him direct them to the star's room.


  1. Lol. Where is her social media now. She keeps taunting them with expensive jewelry on social media.

  2. Did she make a sex tape while she was being robbed. Why didn't she undress and pose nude while she was being robbed. I really don't give a damn about the Katrashians. If she had been killed that would have been 1 less Katrashian to worry about. The world has more important problems to worry about than another hoe/whore/slut that was robbed. IDGAF