Monday, October 24, 2016

LL Readers Celebrate Son At One (Photos)

I know many of you have complained we don’t feature blog readers, but then we feel ‘it’s not necessary’ even though some of you say, it is. It has not been our way for a long time, though we might listen if the pressure continues, but this is a special request we can’t help but grant considering it’s a Prince (the one year old) involved here.

Blog readers (his parents) are sending out a big shout out to him as he turns one today. According to them,  Ifechukwu Henry Oforah is their first offspring and they are more than excited he is one today. Happy birthday Henry! May you inspire your generation.


  1. Happy birthday Henry! God bless you and your parent, you shall live long to fulfil your purpose.

  2. LLB, I don't think it a must to feature your blog visitors but if anyone sends in message(shout out like this) I think you should post it(celebrate).✌