Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lol Self Acclaimed Wizard Found In Sapele After His ‘Jet’ Crashed

A man, who confessed to newsmen that he was ‘flying’ from Benin Airport, Edo State, to attend a meeting in the United Kingdom, before watching a football match going on simultaneously in the coven, also in the United Kingdom, was, yesterday, discovered at Ajogodo River, Sapele, Delta State.

Fuel finished in my ‘private jet.’ Fuel finished in my ‘private jet.’ The self-confessed wizard said: “I was flying in with what is known in the physical realm as ‘Plantain Leaf,’ but it is actually my expensive private jet in the coven realm.

“It crashed me into this bridge, when the fuel in it finished. My members will be here tonight to refuel it for me, so I can continue my journey to the UK.

“I have to be in the UK to watch football, because there is economic recession, unemployment and inflation in Nigeria.”


  1. Abeg dat man na mad man

  2. 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 ladunliadi

  3. The things of d spirit are only discerning to the astral beings..they sound weird to the shallow but concise to the inclined.#itisreal #believe

  4. Na so my teenage cousin confessed to driving Mercedes Benz, wearing expensive lace n married with two kids. Na eye we take de look am. Prayer mode activated.