Saturday, October 22, 2016

Maheeda & Husband Celebrate 13th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Maheeda’s wedding anniversary (you already know what she does) and she took to social media to thank family friends and fans for their support and advise for making her hold it down till now! She wrote;

Today I celebrate 13years of traditional Marriage and 5years of white wedding is not easy to hold your marriage down for that long......

I just thank God for His love, grace , mercy and divine favor in my life..... and thanks to all my godmothers praying for me to be a better mother , wife and woman , I am a work in progress, thank mums!!!!And thanks to all my fans that has been praying for me to be a better woman, thank you all... I am grateful!!! #gratitude have a great day!!!!


  1. And she will be displaying all her modesty online? Iranu

  2. Only an oyibo man would have been able to live with this woman. Hwa to her