Saturday, October 15, 2016

May Be You Should Read This...

“Ten years ago I lost my job at a hotel. Somebody bought the building and fired everybody. I had four kids at home, and I went from $21/hour to $13/hour. Nobody else would hire me. Seventeen years in the hotel industry but apparently I didn’t even qualify to carry a suitcase. I had to start parking cars at a garage. Luckily I ended up getting this job with the city. They started me at $12/hour but I’ve worked my way up to $30/hour. But I don’t take things for granted anymore. I used to dream about all the nice things I wanted. I’m more cautious now. I mainly think about protecting the things I need. And I try to make myself irreplaceable. I try to have perfect attendance. Every time there’s extra training, I sign up. Because the more you know, the more they need you. All of us are replaceable, but I’m doing my best to make them need me as much as I need them.”