Monday, October 3, 2016

Mom Breastfeeds 3-Year Old Daughter & Another One Just Because It Won’t Make Her Wash Dishes

Many mothers choose to breastfeed as a way to strike up a bond with their baby.

But Sunshine Coast mother-of-two Shani Archer has admitted she breastfed her daughters for slightly different reasons.

She said breastfeeding was the easiest option because she is 'lazy', it is cheap, and there are no dirty dishes afterwards.

With young daughters Adelie, one, and Shilah, three, Mrs Archer said she had often felt pressured to breastfeed by other mums.

'There's so much back and forth about breastfeeding and bottle feeding,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

'The breastfeeding mums can feel judged for breastfeeding in public. But those same mums are doing the same shaming to mums who bottle feed.'

Mrs Archer said she had eventually chosen to breastfeed her daughters purely because it was easy and she was 'lazy'.

Breastfeeding had the added bonus of being cheap, free of dishes, and it could be done while having a snooze, Mrs Archer said.

'We're not all doing it because of the bond. Sometimes, with all the other tasks of being a mum, it is just the easiest option.