Sunday, October 2, 2016

Munachi Abii, Talks Music, Beauty & Living Her Dreams In New Interview

In this interview with Adetutu Audu the ex-beauty Queen, Rapper, OAP and MORE spoke about her passions, living her dreams and lots more. Enjoy!

You seemed to be everywhere –modelling, music, TV host and now OAP. What drives you?

My passion to live out every single dream I have ever had is what keeps me going. It is also nice to be seen.

Which is fulfilling for you in all the things you do?

 I wouldn’t do any of the things that I do if I didn’t find them fulfilling. Every goal and project serves its purpose.

Fame suddenly thrust itself at you, how are you coping since then and what has it robbed you of?

Participating in MBGN was a dare.  As a child, I had dreams of being a beauty queen but it wasn’t top five on my wish list. I didn’t see the possibility at the time. But other people saw what I didn’t and they encouraged me to go for it.  My intention was always to pursue music.  Being a beauty queen gave me a platform to reach for the stars. Nobody taught me how; I had to learn everything on the job. Thank God for everything.  I have learnt a lot from gaining recognition from the public eye. No one teaches you how to handle these things but you pull through, regardless.

The night you were crowned, what was going through your mind?

 I just thought “wow, I’m going to be on the internet”.

Did you really think you would win?

Did I think I would win? Not at all. I thought Miss Bayelsa would have won.

 What gave you the edge over other girls?

 I have no idea. I was just me.

Most Nigerians got to know you after you won the MBGN pageant in 2007. But we understand music started for you way before that. When did you have your first major platform?

 I have always had a thing for music. I have always been fascinated with the art of composition, lyrics and rhythm of music. I think I was about five years old when I composed my first song.  I was inspired by stars like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Biggie Smalls.  I was first featured on a track with a rap group in Port Harcourt called Specimen A and they were number one at the time. That was my first major platform.

 Your kind of music is rap. Most female rappers are known to possess the attitude of a tomboy; how have you been blending your elegance with the rap swag?

 I love music in general. I relate better with rap and I don’t follow other people’s expectations.  Life as a rap artiste has been interesting and I am grateful for all the experience I have gained from interacting with my peers, making music, watching the rise and fall of so many greats. I have learnt a lot. I just do me, what makes me comfortable and confident. Some days I am a tomboy, some days I’m a lady.  But I am always a queen.

Musically, would you say you are successful?

Everyone has their own perception of the word success. To you success could mean hit tracks, to me success could mean being able to complete a full song for self or for another human being. I don’t think my growth in the industry is sluggish.  We all follow different paths. Just because somebody is famous today doesn’t mean I should be famous.  My story is not his story. Besides, no one has the formula for this business. One just has to keep on doing it. Believe in yourself because a lot of people will doubt you.  Am I successful musically? Definitely!

There are so many OAPS around already, what sets you apart?

Frankly, I do not think any human being is different from the other, you only choose what you like and you go for it. As an OAP, I choose to share things that excite me and wet my curiosity. How any one chooses to see that is basically up to them.

It seems like endorsement season for some of our biggest acts. Share your Lux soap endorsement experience with us.

Being a Lux ambassador was a great privilege for me. I am most grateful for the platform, experience and exposure it brought me.

Who influenced you while growing up; the good, the bad and the ugly?

My environment influenced me. The music I listened to influenced me. My mother influenced me.

What does style mean to you?

Style means confidence, personality and character. You may not know it, but you wear how you feel. Lately, it has been bold and daring.  It is very important in this business not to stay the same. I am in showbiz and I have to show something. So, I have to keep reinventing myself.

Describe your personality.

I am easy-going and fun to be with. Those that have been bold enough to approach me are shocked to realise I’m not a snob in any way. It’s all wrong perception. It is only when you are not sure of yourself that you will make assumptions. Give it a try and say hello. I don’t bite.

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