Friday, October 7, 2016

Nigerian Woman Cries Out About US Government ‘Oppressing’ Her

Here’s what she put out on Instagram, read and tell us what you think.

“I was pregnant the first time he hit me. I found another woman in his house. And when I asked who she was, he got violent. He told me: ‘You are not my mother. You have no right to ask me about this.’ Then he hit me.

And there was nothing I could do. That sort of behavior is accepted in Nigeria. Nobody is going to call it ‘domestic violence.’ If you tell the police, they will tell you to listen to your husband. But things are different in America. So I left my husband six months after we arrived. I entered a domestic violence shelter. I became a single mother. And I was doing fine.

I was working as a security guard and my children were not suffering. But then one day my daughter called the police and told them that I hit her. But that is my right. A mother has the right to discipline her children. They were disobeying me. But the government took my children away and now they won’t give them back. They are oppressing me with their power.”


  1. You dont hit nobody even u dont hit yourself for whaever reason. U dont hit househelp staff child husband nor prisoner. Hitting is crime even in Naija or us

  2. You shouldn't have hit her, you are in the US

  3. She should try and get them back and bring them back to Nigeria let's see how they will call the police.

  4. They aint oppressing you, like you said its acceptable in Nigeria to hit your child, but not over there. What are you trying to continue, a cycle of abuse and hitting. Hitting you child is not a way to discipline them especially if its in a country that has a law against it. Just show them its a one time thing and it wont happen again, now you know better what will happen if you try it again. #Truth

  5. U left your husband because he was hitting you,arent you doing same thing with your daughter. Hypocrite. There are other ways of dealing with the children

  6. U neva see sumtin

  7. I feel sad that her kids are taken away from her,this is heartbreaking! but hey did! she call the cops when her hubby hit her? because you live in the DV shelter and they're your kids does not give you any advantage to hit your daughter or anyone. Because you fed your kids and they are not suffering doesn't mean you should subject them to hitting or any form of abuse. If she enjoyed the hitting from her hubby, why didn't she stay with him.
    How hard did she hit her? was there mark on her body? Since she knows that it's not acceptable here why did she do it?
    OMG! They are not oppressing her, there are better ways to discipline your kids, but I guess you're trying to transfer the aggression to the kids. I'm just mad at her,because she knew it's against the law. If the hitting was so much and she needed to take her to the hospital, the doctor will call the CPS. Even, if she didn't call the cops , if her teacher sees anything on her subjecting it's from hitting/abuse, she will call CPS.
    I'm sure not everyone hits his/her kids in Nigeria like before. My thoughts and prayers are with her, Oh, my...what she's going through is better imagined!