Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Omg! Tekno Says There’s No Way A Man Can Have Only One Girlfriend

Lol. Small boy talk. He says there’s no way a man can have one girlfriend that it is not just possible. Then he went on to say men should also allow ladies to cheat, since they all cheat too. But wait? Is Tekno trying to pass a message? So his boss (you all know) also cheats despite being married? Lool. Abi what did he just say? Hahaha The video below...

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  1. Can't say about marriages but am sure more than 90% of guys cheats in relationships.Am a guy!

  2. When you are high as F!!!! and feel your making sense!!!! Otule...

  3. Well, whoever listens to him shld note that one day when he is more mature he would change that is archaic mindset.

    1. Exactly. His brain has melted

  4. It's possible to be with a girl. But the percentage of those that cheat far outweight those that don't.

  5. Lol. Ladun you Don talk ham finish *small boy talk* talking for himself and not for the matured ones. As a shishiri boy that he is na😀