Monday, October 31, 2016

Photos: Ubi Franklin Blesses Childhood Friend With A Car

He wrote:

This is not a show off But an appreciation to a friend and brother. A year after You were born(twins with your sister) I was also born with my twin brother unfortunately my Twin brother died and I had to grow up with that trauma which Hasn't Left and that followed by the death of my father and it broke me so bad.

We grew up as childhood friends and cousins we started life together remember every december we head to the village and paint it red with the Swag with thought we had then.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago when you called me saying you wanted to work for me as my PA or even carry my bag I was so uncomfortable with giving you that portfolio because I still couldn't believe I'll call my own cousin and childhood friend my PA and you were Older than me by one year and then I said Come let's work together with no portfolio, you held it down for me in different areas of my life. Continue...

You cried with me when I was down and laugh with me when i am happy. If you know me very well you will know him @ominiotah He is one of the most selfless person I have ever met.
When I started the @tiltterraceng project i passed a lot of millions through you to control the contractors and pay vendors, I never had cause to doubt you ,when my wife was away waiting for the arrival of our Son @jaydenubifranklin you held it down for me I never had any reason to doubt your loyalty or sincerity.

Let me show you the world from my own view let's make more money and build people.

When I failed in some businesses I tried to venture you were ready to take the pain of begging or even been arrested by the people whose monies were lost in the business. I can't Thank you Enough.
We had a great day yesterday at the official opening of @tiltterraceng I am proud of you Thank you for everything and God Bless you.

This car is a show of appreciation for all you have been to me, my wealth and wellness will not be complete if I can't bring up those beside me or around me.

I know who I am and what God is doing for me through people around me.

Thanks for everything My G🙏🏾💪🏾❤️


  1. He didn’t have to embarrass him like this. Ubi take down the post

    1. Embarrass him how pls?

    2. @Anon 16:38 serious embarassment. Ignore at anon 21:22 sense dey far from am

  2. So sweet of him, oga your moto no go jam.

  3. Wait is it not that guy that shld be writing this instead. And how come this isnt show off.

    1. Thank you so much. Thank you

  4. Ok. Fine. You appreciated what God has done for you by blessing you and making you successful while your childhood friend hasn't been so blessed and successful like you.
    Now, out of your own heart, you decided to help this your childhood by giving him a nice car.

    Now, my question to you is why not help this your childhood friend get a good paying job instead of giving him a gift he cannot maintain?

    Apparently, for this your childhood friend to have suggested to be a bag carrier for you meant he doesn't have any education nor any skill.

    How is this your childhood friend going to be maintaining this car, if he doesn't have a nice job?

    Is it not better to teach someone how to fish, rather than giving that person a fish he has no means of maintaining?

    Now, why make all these public and rub salt on your childhood friend's wound and further destroy his ego by this writing that this your childhood friend even came to beg you to employ him to be carrying your bag?

    What is in that your bag that somebody has to be carrying for you?

    This your writing is nothing but a big "BIG SHOW OFF" at the expense of this your childhood friend.

    I really doubt but that you care about anybody but yourself and your silly ass ego.

    If this writing of yours is not a show off, can you truthfully tell us what it is?

    A lot of ladies put stuffs on social media because of their need for attention and a lot of guys do the same because of their constant need for admiration.

    You wrote this shit about your friend because you decided to use him to shine. No be so?

    Yes o. You want others to admire that you have 'arrived' and there is no better way of doing it than making your childhood friend look less of a man.

    I wish that this your childhood friend can reject this gift of a car because there is no other better way (other than that) of dealing with immature, tasteless and disrespectful Niggas out there..


    1. @olu, u are an idiot... y do ppl fail to ccomprehed tinz b4 opening thier mouth? U think if d position ( which is obviously higher than that of a PA) isn't paying the said friend, by now e wudnt v left... v u tot of it dis way , apart from money, dis frnd by nw has connectns also due to d type of ppl dey work with ( mostly musicians).

      So giving him a car automatically tells he has no car and money?? That tells a lot bou.. ppl like u wont ggift a car owner a car...

      U dint c how e kept emphasising on his friend's honesty.. how he trust him so much.. ( will a PA b given such opportunity? D guy is more like his PARTNER).. how e cn travel wit no doubts about him ( is dat a form of advertising his friend? )... but no, d bitter efoistic you dint c all of dat...

      If e doesn't reject d car. U cn help him to u hear ...

    2. Turayo, this childhood friend of Ubi should have left for where? Who is going to employ someone who think he is only useful for carrying bags? Would you?

      Connections to which musicians? Nigerian Musicians that can't even pay dancers that they contracted to work for them?

      Why should I give a car to someone who has no means of maintaining that car?

      Yes, I will help him reject that car if given the opportunity. This childhood friend of Ubi is better off learning how to run a business and then owning a keke Maruwa business than being a bag carrier for Ubi that is on his way to being a broke ass nigga.

      Or you are not aware that Ubi is on his way to becoming a broke ass nigga since Iyanya is no longer with him?

      Iyanya himself is broke. Abi, you are not aware of events in Nigeria?

      Turayo, I beg you should park for one side make person see road.