Saturday, October 22, 2016

Photos: When Tania Omotayo & Nene Ibru Were Twins

Aside that the two ladies are attracted to musicians, Tania (wizkid), Nene (Sina Rambo), the ladies have so many other things in common. They are both young and getting it. Business oriented, go getters, beautiful yet with brains, lol, in their 20’s and many others....

The ladies were recently maids of honour at their friend’s wedding which held weeks back and was the talk of town, and they both held the wedding DOWN! One more photo below and a video of them also digging it at the wedding.


  1. A bride shouldnt choose bridesmads that are prettier than her. They will steal the show from her

  2. They look good. 3 of them. I like the bride for not being selfish and self-absorbed

  3. Tania at 20, looking like 30