Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rihanna Responds To Lookalike Fan Who Recreates Her Poses

Rihanna has given a fan who looks identical to her the ultimate endorsement - asking why she looks better than her.

Student Shania Ruedas Bernal from California was celebrating spirit week at her school, which featured something known as ‘Celebrity Day’, for which she decided to dress up as Rihanna.

Shania, 17, decided to recreate the cover of Rihanna ’s album Anti, as she could “pull together a very similar outfit”.

The original post has been retweeted over 21,000 times and has over 38K likes. Because it’s brilliant.

“Obviously Rihanna looked amazing and then I realised that I could pull together an outfit that’ll look very similar to hers,” Shania says, speaking to Buzzfeed .

Initially, she made her account private after posting the pic: “I can be really insecure and bashful, so of course my first instinct was… oh my god, what if someone eventually makes fun of me?”

When she decided to make the account public, the pic - which had gone viral - was picked up by several outlets, and Rihanna eventually saw it from a celebrity account called 247papstv.


  1. she tried. new blog invoke..

  2. Which one is rihanna which one is the lookalike

    1. Rihanna is the right. Looky likey is on the left

    2. The 2nd one is rihanna

    3. Lol. Welcome from the other side @ golden. I raise Beyonce hands for you 😀

  3. The first is rihanna the second us her look alike

  4. I cant see the resemblance though, but nice effort.