Sunday, October 9, 2016

SSS’ Claim That Judge Kept $2 Million “Concocted” — Wike

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike said the statement released by the State Security Service detailing how operatives found a huge amount of money during nationwide raids on homes of judges between Friday and Saturday was “concocted” to justify an “unconstitutional assault on the nation’s judiciary.”

“It is really unfortunate that SSS would concoct a false defence that $2 million —that is N900 million— was found in the house of the judge,” Mr. Wike said, describing it as “flimsy excuses”.

Mr. Wike made the remark when he met with the management and players of Rivers United Football Club in Port-Harcourt on Saturday night, hours after a standoff involving him and authorities nearly turned fatal.

Mr. Wike said he prevented the SSS from arresting the judge because they could kill him and use that as a pretext to say the state was not safe and to prepare grounds for declaration of a state of emergency.

“If they had abducted the judge, they may go ahead to kill the judge and they will say that Rivers State is insecure,” Mr. Wike said.

Mr. Wike said the SSS was wrong to seek arrest of a serving judge in such a manner, saying there exist legal procedures for checking and prosecuting errant jurists or other public officers.

“In the police, erring and corrupt policemen are first given orderly room trial, sacked and then appropriately prosecuted,” Mr. Wike said. “For judicial officers, the SSS has no role.

“I am not in support of any judicial support being involved in corruption,” but “this impunity must stop.”

The name of the judge in whose home the large sum of money was allegedly found has not been officially released. But sources identified him as Abdullahi Liman of the Port-Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court.

Mr. Wike said he remained unfazed in the face of the “blackmail” and will continue to protect the people of his state, notwithstanding the price.

“The way things are going nobody should relax. Freedom comes with sacrifice. Independence comes with sacrifice. Liberty comes with sacrifice.

“I was there with our state and National Assembly members, Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Austin Opara; the PDP Chairman, Felix Obuah; and some caretaker chairmen. When they said I was with thugs I just laughed,” Mr. Wike said.

The nationwide crackdown on the judges from high to appellate courts attracted widespread condemnation of the SSS, with eminent citizens and professional groups calling on President Buhari to immediately order the release of the judges.

The SSS could not be reached for comment for this story.



  1. When I look at wike, all I see is lie

    1. Thats how blind you are, and when people look at you na truth them dey see? waawaa.

  2. Replies
    1. You are so blind to see, when you see you will realized he is wise. get closer to your elders so you grow and learn.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't mind them jare, the person stealing and the person chasing , non of them is pure. The COS to PMB collected bribe from MTN, nothing happened to him, Babachair the SGF used N214m in cutting grass in the IDPS, meanwhile starvation is killing the occupants of the camps. You can imagine the height... They are all same.

  4. Wike...u abused ur power by obstructing law enforcement officers from doing their job...u r very lucky i was not part of d operation by now you would be dead...because i would have shot u for officers safety d way..wht were u doing outside in such hours...u r part of d corruption that has swallowed d country...stupid governor

    1. If you had shoot him then your own very dead body would have laid next to that of the Governors own. Grow up and think before you act or talk.