Sunday, October 30, 2016

Not A Single Nigerian Was Jailed Because Of What They Wrote About Me, Nor Any Went Into Exile - Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has implored Nigerians to continue to support democratic governance. The former leader spoke at a dinner he attended in the United States on Saturday evening.

“I urge the Nigerian lawyers in the US and those in the Diaspora to do their best to support the democratic institutions we have built,” Mr. Jonathan said.

The former president was the keynote speaker at the Nigerian Lawyers Association’s annual dinner and merit awards ceremony which held in New York. In his speech posted on his Twitter page yesterday, Jonathan mentioned some factors he considered to be his administration’s democratic credentials.

“Under my watch not a single Nigerian was sent to prison because of anything they wrote or said about me or the administration that I headed,” Mr. Jonathan said. “Nigeria had neither political prisoners nor political exile under my administration.”

Mr. Jonathan’s speech on Saturday comes at a time several of his aides are being detained and some prosecuted for alleged corrupt practices while many others have since absconded from the country.


  1. Because of whom you are! Clueless.... You were busy sharing the money with Dasuki

  2. You are right that was why they stole Nigeria dry

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  4. dis man will never stop amazing does not seem to realise d damages his government did to nigeria..let it be on record that he presided over d most corrupt govt in d history of d country....

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