Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Video: Ambode Grants Instant Employment To Woman

A woman during a town hall meeting had openly pleaded to the governor that she needed a job and the governor replied saying she will get one. The woman who wasn’t expecting it was so excited as others rejoiced with her. By the way, you need to watch this video; it gives you a closer look of Governor Ambode. Never knew our Governor was this handsome! Handsome and fresh!!!


  1. Oh Lord! I'm so happy for her... I almost injured myself when he responded. Congrats madam!
    now, back to your observation... na true but his neck is disappearing.

    1. He is one of those people who have really have naturally short necks !👌

  2. Me, I am not moved because the governor gave job to this woman.
    What the governor displayed here looks like a knee jerk response to a very big problem in our society.

    The governor has no business dishing out jobs like he just did here.
    Lagos state is not a Zoo like those states up North or in the East, where a governor can just be giving out jobs without screening the applicants.

    So, how many people can the governor employ into the Lagos state civil service?
    Is the governor going to employ all the jobless people who are mostly with degrees or certificates that are not even worth the papers those certificate were printed on?

    People need to be encouraged to start creating jobs themselves instead of going cap in hand looking for jobs from the government.
    Our civil services need to be trimmed as most people there are just there lazing around and they all ought to be pushed into the private sector where they can start working their asses off.

    Also, the curriculum in all our institutions need to be revised.
    More and more emphasis need to be placed on people leaning skills than just leaning useless Liberal courses that has no relevance in our society.

    So, the governor goofed big time by employing this woman as a coach.
    This woman does not does not even look fit, not to mention that this woman was never interviewed nor medically screened to be fit for the job the governor gave her.


    1. Ode ni e, stay in Atlanta with your big grammar and continue to wash dishes. If he had done otherwise, you will still use your mouth odor to complain and use your arthritis fingers to type. Go and listen to Ebenezer Obey "Baba olowo and ketekete" ode oshi.

    2. Where is the grammar in what I wrote above?

      The only thing I can see is that I wrote learning as leaning.
      I made that mistake twice. I would have been happy if you had corrected that instead of claiming I wrote grammar.

      Also, even if I am washing plates in AL, is that not better than being unemployed?
      Is there no dignity in labour again?

      I beg, park for one side make I see front.