Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wait! Why Do Nigerians Like Money?

Wait why do Nigerians like money? I mean wealthy people? Lol. Chai, so there’s this dude on instagram who is friends with so many celebrities and own a record label. I won’t mention his name, but the gist will explain him better, lol. Whenever this guy makes an instagram post he gets nothing less than 500 comments, and that’s not the highest o, his comments sometimes run into thousands, what only few people like Don Jazzy can only boast of.

Now ask me, why does he have so many followers, so many commenters? Is it because he is wealthy? Oh well yes, because that’s the only thing Nigerians know about him and they have flooded his page. Okay, quick clue, he has one of the most beautiful mansion in Lagos and a brother to a musician, now you know him ba? And if you still don’t know him, you must be living in a cave, lolllll. Not justa cave o, a very hidden one sef, lol.

Let me make you laugh before ending this post, just few days ago, he posted one of the latest SUVs and captioned the post ending it with ‘have a blessed week’ with something requiring people to say amen and he got 995 AMENs. You think am joking? Have you ever seen a post where people just kept typing only Amen for 995 times? Lool, now that’s money. Chai our people o. By the way, we have nothing against him, it’s just a post and a post it must remain, lol.


  1. Of course *in bobrisky's Voice* its E-Money Kcee younger brother.

  2. LOL...@ Have you ever seen a post where people just kept typing only Amen for 995 times? Check daddy G.O's page, plenty amen dey there...hahaha
    Back to the matter, they're using him as a point of contact to God na E-money, enjoyment minister.