Friday, October 28, 2016

Who Is Right? Ice Prince & Toolz In Marriage Argument (Video)

Just like she said, what? what?? Can’t deal! But i want to believe Ice Prince was JOKING when this was recorded. It’s not that serious and men should stop this ownership thing. Can’t one breathe again once you are in a relationship/married? lol... dead dead dead!!! Still laughing.

So Ice is having a birthday party on Sunday and he politely told Toolz he would have to call her husband first before he can invite her to the party. Toolz wanted to know why, and Ice took it to the next level saying no man should invite a woman married to a party without asking her husband even if it was the woman he knew first. He then went on to say even the woman’s brother does not have a right to invite her except he takes permission from her husband. Toolz totally disagreed. Watch the video below...

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  1. Nigerian men are too domineering

  2. Nigerian men are too domineering

  3. I can't deal either but men are in control

  4. How can my brother ask for permission. Nonsense talk

  5. He must be joking! You invite her, it's left to her to tell her hubby.

  6. Dont tell me then you pack back to your fathers house, or to the secret lover who is making you arrogant.

    1. Lol just remain anonymously there😀