Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Woman Begs ‘Nanny’ To Become Husband’s 2nd Wife

When a friend offered Mozambican Bongiwe Ndlovu a job as her nanny in Mzansi she was very excited. But when she arrived she was shocked to discover she wasn’t needed to look after he friend’s children, but to become her husband’s second wife!

The 22-year-old, who came to South African last month, said she was led to believe her childhood friend (23) wanted her to help with her two kids. But when she arrived at her home in Agincourt, Mpumalanga she was locked up.

Bongiwe’s friend for two weeks tried to convince her to marry her husband, until she escaped at the end of last month.

Constable Sonile Usinga said: “The two women grew up in the same village in Mozambique. One of them moved to South Africa, but later went home to offer Bongiwe a job as a nanny for her two kids. She agreed and came to South Africa, but there was no job waiting for her.”

Bongiwe told the cops she was locked in her friend’s house after she refused to become her husband’s second wife. She said although she saw the husband, he didn’t approach her while she was kept in the house.

After Bongiwe managed to escape she approached a resident and told her the story.

The resident took her to the Mhala Police Station and she opened a case against her friend. The friend appeared in the Mhala Magistrates Court on Monday and the case was transferred to the regional court.


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  2. This is not funny o. Nah by force to marry your husband? Such NEWS
    baffles me what this world is turning into. I guess the couple should by properly investigated.