Sunday, November 6, 2016

Aww The RED Girls Are Back But They Came In GREEN

Lol, who remembers the red girls? Remember the girls, Lilian and Vivian that were gracing the red carpets back then with most people confused about what they do? Some said they were models, some said dancers, eventually we found out they were singers and someone later sent us their then latest single. Well they are back and have shunned their red hair. They were spotted at AFRIMA and now rock green! We just had to bring them here. Hope they stay this time around. If you missed old posts on them, find it here, here and here. Infact they have over 10 features on this blog, sigh lol.


  1. I remember your posts about them, and some commenters went gaga(yabbed) them like Ki
    Btw, what happend to them? Hope they stay this time around, you did publicized

  2. Lol!! I remember them and their wack ass music.