Sunday, November 20, 2016

Group Wants Oshiomhole To Reject N300m Mansion

But will he heed? Lol. A  group, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, has called on former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, to turn down the N300m offered him and ex-Deputy Governor of the state, Dr. Pius Odubu, for the acquisition of houses after their tenure in office.

According to the head of the anti-corruption group, Debo Adeniran, the retirement benefit of Oshiomhole and Odubu amended by Edo State House of Assembly is a “legislative scam.”

In a statement issued on Saturday, the group noted that other benefits attached to the amended retirement provisions included “pension for life at a rate equivalent to 100 per cent of their last annual salary, three vehicles to be bought by the state government which will be replaced every five years as well as free medical treatment for the governor and his immediate family.”

Adeniran said, “This is an opportunity for Oshiomhole to show the people of Edo state that he is a man of the people by rejecting the proposed retirement benefit being suggested by Edo State parliament. CACOL expects the former governor to reject the proposed benefits because of his history as a comrade who has fought against government policies aimed at sidelining the people from the benefits of development.

“We are also expecting the former governor and his deputy to show the people of Edo State and the country that they are noble and would not stoop so low to accrue to themselves the wealth of their state.”


  1. Just wondering what an ex governor wants to do with all that money after spending eight years of veto in office

  2. Does he even need to be begged or told?? Is a #300m not too much?? Cant leaders act like leaders anymore?? Or have we forgotten the qualities of a leader we were taught in primary and secondary schl.

  3. Reject something he also planned?

  4. He won't, these leaders that do not know the right thing to do when it comes to money or properties.

  5. With Lara by his side? No way, Jose! It's free. Let him accept it, sell it and move on.