Monday, November 14, 2016

Kylie Jenner Shows Off The ‘Boys Room’ At Her Hidden Hills Mansion

Her $6 million Hidden Hills home has room for everything... even a man cave. And Kylie Jenner has now given a little peek at the specially themed space, which she dubbed 'The boys room.'

The 19-year-old shared a photograph of the room, which featured stacks of Playboy magazines alongside a glass ash tray.  The quick snap showed a pile of at least six Playboy magazines spread out on a black table.

An issue with a 'farmers' daughters' theme took up most of the frame, with an image of a bra-less woman with her denim button down unbuttoned.

It was situated on the table beside a heavy, glass ash tray, perhaps for cigars smoked in the man cave.   

In addition to the boys in her life, Kylie also made sure her favorite four-legged friends were taken care of, as she showed off a room for her Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi. 

The two pooches have their own room complete with a cozy fireplace to keep their svelte bodies warm.
Kylie's love for her dogs could also be seen in her decorating tastes as two greyhound statues had pride of place on a built-in bookcase in another room.

Posting a snap of the shelf, the star joked: 'Clearly I’m not obsessed.'

The reality star, who also owns the house next door, showed off her love for art as well, posting snaps of a number of pieces in her collection.