Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Liberia's Leader 'Worried' About Trump Presidency

Liberia's President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says she is disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not win the US elections.

In an interview with the BBC, Africa's first democratically elected female president said: "We are extremely saddened by this missed opportunity on the part of the people of the United States to join smaller democracies in ending the marginalisation of women.

"However, Liberia has a long and historical relationship with the United States and we expect the good relationship to continue."

Though Ms Sirleaf is worried about existing agreements between the US and her country, she
concedes it is too early to say what Mr Trump's presidency will mean for Africa.

"I'm worried about trade deals for Liberia, for Africa, I'm worried about investment and the special programmes that have been put in place by President Obama and by President George Bush before him.

"And we just don't know what the new policy towards Africa will be under a Trump administration.

We'll have to wait and see. Obviously, we are concerned but we have to just give him the benefit of the doubt."