Monday, November 14, 2016

Now Cameron Rakes In £120,000 For One-Hour Talk

Brexit cost David Cameron the keys to 10 Downing Street, but his humiliating referendum defeat appears to have opened the door to a very lucrative new career.

Dailymail says the former Prime Minister gave a talk about the implications of Britain's historic vote to leave the EU to Wall Street financiers last week.

He was paid more than £120,000, which is almost as much as the £143,462 he earned in a whole year as PM.

Given that the talk to Blackstone Properties in New York is said to have lasted little more than an hour, his pay would work out at £2,000 a minute.

If Cameron, 50, continues that rate of earning, he could soon rival moneybags Tony Blair, who quit the House of Commons when he was four years older. Blair has gone on to make an estimated fortune of £27 million.

It's not known who arranged for Cameron to give the talk.


  1. If one job fails another will show up

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  3. Yeah... I'm very sure Obama is going to rake in more than this after he leaves office... I love listening to him talk.

  4. Guys, some subsidiaries of Blackstone were probably some of the companies that Cameron gave lucrative businesses to while being the prime minister. Now, it is pay back time for Cameron.

    This is the classic method used by politicians in the western world to loot their treasuries.

    The Bushes were experts at it, Tony the liar otherwise known as Tony Blair did it, the Clintons did it, Cameron is now doing it and Obama is going to do it too. All the politicians in the western world are somehow guilty of this, with the exceptions of a few politicians like Jimmy Carter.

    What kind of talk will cost £2,000:00 per minute? What was he talking about that those highly intelligent guys running Blackstone are not already aware of?

    Blackstone is a multinational company that goes around buying businesses and properties all over the world and running those businesses or selling those properties with nothing in their mind apart from making mega and insane profits while the government of those countries plays dumb at the expense of their own people.

    There should be a law in the western world that cap how much their ex presidents can receive in their life time while doing businesses when they are out of their various offices.
    This is the only way to prevent politicians in Europe and North America from looting their various treasuries through the back door, and then turning around to accuse African politicians of being insanely corrupt like Tony the liar labeled our own Atiku.

    We know that Atiku is corrupt; Yes, Atiku (like most, if not all our politicians) is insanely corrupt but so also are most of the politicians in the western world.
    It is just the style and method used to loot that differs between African and European/North American politicians.

    So, Cameron (outside political life) being excessively paid, for just blabbing about what everyone listening already knew, is nothing new.
    It is just a method of looting through the back door while being out of political office.