Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Occupy Abuja: Charly Boy Wants Nigerians To Join In

In the life of every human being; there comes a moment when we must make a stand for that which matters. Nigeria is a country that is richly blessed with Natural Resources and at the same time, a country that is cursed with Bad leadership and sustained political criminality.

When 180 million people are the mercy of 180,000 politicians; who have mastered the act of creating division among her own people through Religion, ethnicity, corruption, trivialities and frivolous issue; we know that our country, future and progress need a new breed of Hungry, Angry and Vexed Coalition of the Willing to ensure that the Change we seek is not a mirage but a reality necessary for real Nation Building.

Every Local Government and State of the Nigerian Federation is feeling the impact of decades of a wasteful culture and recent years of Mindless looting in Government. Something must have to change, or the future we seek will be lost to the today we ignore.

How do we become a coalition of Brave comrades? How do we become a people with the Zeal and Desire to see a Better Nation? How do we connect with the poor, hungry and angry Nigerian on the Streets to demand real Positive change from Politicians? How do we move our country forward by being forward thinkers without recourse to what this country must do for us all? What happened to the Nigeria of our fathers and fore fathers? Why have we lost the desire for good and have all embraced the insanity of individualism that has corrupted our Humanity?

These are the questions that are on the lips of every Nigerian. These are the questions that are driving the Nigerian People on this journey of Self Realization through #OCCUPYNASSUNLTD; #OCCUPYRMAFC; #OCCUPYEFCC and #OCCUPYUNLTD for all agencies of Government that are failing the people in the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative. We have dedicated ourselves to the Struggle of realigning the Mind-set of our People and the Looting Politicians in Nigeria; We have began to initiate the process of holding Politicians accountable to not only their promises, but the service to the Nigerian Humanity. The battles for the heart and soul of the Nigerian State is not going to be easy; it is bigger than the Individual in us and will be fought better by the Collective Engagement and the undying capacity of the Average Nigeria to key into a force of good that has so far eluded us.

Beginning on the 15th November, 2016 we the ordinary people with no Political affiliations but believers in the paramount interest of our country as well as the capacity of President Muhammadu Buhari to lead us in the right direction will begin series of Mass Protest and occupy that will target all Arms of Government as well as MDAs that are failing in providing good governance for the People. We need all Nigerians to join us in moving this nation forward. Every Nigerian will not be on the Street of the FCT; but support can come in whatsoever form.

We Need food for protesters;

We Need Water;

We Need Breakfast;

We Need Mats;

We Need Mobile Toilets;

We Need Canopies and Tents;

We Need Medical Supplies;

We Need Protesters to be Transported from all all across the country.

We Need anything that will support this eternal struggle for the good of Nigeria.

Change is Hard; Change is difficult; But it is the only constant in our Humanity. It is time to become fearless; It is time to become comrades in struggle for good governance; It is time to make a stand and fight for your country to be better. The pains, hunger and suffering in the Nigerian States is becoming a ticking time bomb. The future we are afraid off is gradually become our new reality daily. To stop the future where the poor will have no food to eat but the rich is what we are fighting against. Our nationalistic engagement to help PMB root out corruption, impunity and mindless political criminality out of the Nigerian Polity is in need of a helping hand; This movement is appealing to the better nature of the Nigerian; it is in need of silent heroes and good people; this movement need men and woman who are capable of giving something for the good of their country. This why we need you; we are asking that you give for the interest of your country, not only that, we are asking that you give to make an impact in this move to drive the Nigeria narrative strongly and positively. We are your everyday buddy; we are your partners in good governance and selfless commitment to the Nigerian Cause.

Let it be known that when comrades stood for what is right and stood for the interest of this country, that you stood with whatever contribution you have to make this nation great again. This is the heart of the movement; we are citizens who are determined to change the country for the good of all. This Movement need you and your country will appreciate your effort towards making this project a success.

I am awaiting your commitment towards moving your Nation forward. It is our struggle; it is our war and it is our hopefulness

Yours in struggle

CharlyBoy ( AREAFADA )

National coordinator, #OCCUPYNASSUNLTD


  1. I hope the protest will be to insist that Saraki, Melaye, Dogara and the rest thieving idiots resign? If it is to protest against government, then you miss the point. No country progresses with thieves at the strategic positions of government, none!

    What's worse is, they steal and continue to steal, ship much out of Nigeria and flaunt it on our faces, all that the youths do is continue praying and practicing ethnicity.

    1. Shut up ur dirty hole...good mvt @ Charly boy