Monday, November 14, 2016

Oritsefemi Disrespects Shina Peller On Instagram

Lol, see there is more trouble in Babylon. Loool. So after Oritsefemi’s dispute at Club Quilox owned by Shina Peller, the singer took to his Instagram to take a big swipe at the club owner, saying the ONLY SHINA we know is SHINA PETERS. Loool. OMG! This is so hilarious!

So obviously, Mr Peller is on the side of his bouncers, if not the singer wouldn’t have come out to say this. Who is going to serve us more tea. Teaaaa, teaaaa please lol.

Btw, that Cossy’s rant (post below) is because she is friends with the singer oooo. Another, lol.


  1. He disrespected oritsefemi first

  2. The club will soon run down

  3. they should all quit the club abeg

  4. Naa only that club dey?? Why not stay in ur house and arrange for things you get in clubs.

  5. Lol


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  6. Issorait! Go get tea (you suppose get an for us now) serve us... Waiting! Lol