Monday, November 21, 2016

Peter Okoye Replies Those Circulating Funny Memes

After calling him gay, babe for sitting pretty next to Dangote, here’s what Peter has to say to those circulating the memes. Lol… Oh well.


  1. Yes oh, if Dangote was in my house and to see me, i'll sit anyhow I wanna but wont post on social media. Enjoy ur friendship with him jare.

  2. Nigerians need to stop this ignorant habit of calling people who don't conform to their norm, gay. Many of those pointing fingers are married to gay people and would never know it. Ladies check your men's "dross" for "trackmarks"go figure. That mama bisi and iya yetinde that are always together... go figure. Truth hurts.

  3. Truth be told, that nigga called Peter Okoye appeared and sat like a homo in that picture.

    Could he have been trying to pose cool by sitting like that or he just sat like that because he likes and enjoy receiving it from his behind?
    Who knows.

    But, if it quack and look like a duck, it ain't nothing but a duck.

    For all we know, Peter might be gay, and he was just trying to come out of the closet.

    So, by sitting like the way he sat, Peter may have been trying to tell us something we all don't know about him. And what could that be? Well, the answer is already in the open.

    If Peter Okoye is not gay, why sit like that and why display the image for all to see?
    Also, why display a picture on social media if you don't want people to make comments about the picture?
    He needs to answer these 2 questions.


  4. Perhaps he should talk about being friend with his wife Ex Sugar daddy