Friday, November 4, 2016

Photo: Female Fan Tattoos Iyanya’s Name Under Her Breast

See her bra?


  1. Yeah, saw the underwire and the tat is on the rib side...

  2. Hope d guy will see it

  3. Why not on her pussy?

    All potential baby mamas out there should better be aware that Iyanya is broke.

    If Iyanya can sign a record deal with Marvins records that down graded him to the level of Korede Bello, then it should be crystal clear to the deaf and dumb that Iyanya is broke.

    Also, since Don Jazzy is now the boss of Iyanya, I should think bitches are better off tattooing "Don Jazzy" (instead of "Iyanya")) on top of their chlamydia infected pussies. Is this not right?


  4. Classic
    Try out

  5. Replies
    1. That'd the right word. Oniyeye, oniranu

  6. It's least when she is with her husband, she will be able to explain that she was demented, when it was done.

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